New York City

Half the IVLP on Demand participants went to New York City.  On Sunday, July 14, they had a city tour that included Central Park, Hudson Yards, the High Line, the 911 Memorial, and a view of the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park.

On July 15, the ASCN officers met with officials in the Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Mr. John Paul Farmer, Chief Technology Officer, Ms. Kathleen Clark, Director of Policy & Communications, Ms. Kate Hohman, Sr. Strategist, NYC Connected, and Mr. Youssef Kalad, NYCx Program Director.

On July 16, there were meetings with RapidSOS a technology company seeking to improve location accuracy of 911 emergency calls, Temboo, a software startup designed to enhance multiple engineering tasks, and the Urban Tech Hub at Grand Central Tech.


In Seattle the ASCN officers went to the Bullitt Center, one of the world’s greenest office buildings.  From the Office of the Mayor’s Innovation Advisory Council, they met the Technology Policy Advisor to learn about the Council’s approaches to addressing key areas including homelessness, city services, and resource allocation as well as solving technological challenges, human challenges, initiating public private partnerships, and emergency warning systems.  Touring the Brightwater Waste Water Treatment Plant, the group learned about the process of waste water treatment, potable water treatment, budget, and community environmental and financial impacts.

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